October 28, 2015 Hannah


Concept image with What is Your Story printed on an old typewriter

This is truly anonymous. There are no consequences. 

In a world where everything is in the public eye, from break-ups and big mistakes to pet pictures and yesterday’s lunch, there is no escaping judgement and the consequences to your actions.  This is an opportunity to say what you really want to say.

This is a call out for anyone and anything.  As part of my research for the latest part of SHE I have set up an anonymous submissions box on my website.  You can send in anything.  Maybe there is something you always wanted to say to someone but never could.  Maybe you’re really angry about something and need to vent.  Maybe you have a confession or prayer.  If there is a story you are compelled to share but have never felt able to, now you can.

This is truly anonymous.  There are no consequences.

To submit, please visit the main page of my website or click here.

Submissions will remain anonymous but may be used, adapted or expanded upon for use within the play.  By submitting you agree to your words and story being used in this way.


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