If ever we think an idea is crazy, we remind ourselves that we did Les Mis in a church and then nothing seems impossible

This was my first production with Leicester Theatre Group and it stands as a benchmark for all of their shows going forward.  At the time the group were rehearsing out of a church that had beautiful acoustics and with the show having the beautiful score that it does the producer suggested we do the show in the church itself.  It was a risk.  There was no stage, just the choir stalls, no sound or lighting facilities, nothing.

The whole team worked unbelievably hard and there was a huge financial risk at stake in creating this production but the company played to sold out audiences every night, including the Mayor of Leicester.  He loved it so much he came back later in the week for a return ticket.  This was the start of big things for the group.  From this the Mayor helped them to secure additional funding and a permanent home that they could make money from through hiring out space and running events.


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