14/48 is the worlds quickest theatre festival.  We take 7 writers, 7 directors, a bunch of actors, designers, technicians and musicians and we spend a weekend making new plays.  14 brand new plays in 48 hours to be exact.

I applied to be a writer for 14/48 as a challenge.  At this point I had only written one play and even that was incomplete.  I wanted to know that I could write something else, especially something under such a restricted timescale.  I learned a lot from the experience, not only that I am able to write but the kind of conditions I find it best to write in and that comedy isn’t as strange to me as I thought it was.  Below I’ve given a brief overview of the plays I wrote for the festival.

On the Thursday night all suggested themes were put into a hat and the theme pulled out was “Double Bluff”.  Myself and the other 6 writers had until 8am the next morning to submit a 10 minute script on the selected theme.  The idea that finally came to me at around 1am was a game-show titled “Double Your Bluff”.  A similar premise to Would I Lie to You or Call My Bluff, the two teams had to identify lies to win.  As the game progressed we saw a couple’s entire relationship fall apart as the lies they had told each other were revealed.

The theme picked on the Friday evening for the second day’s show was Fireworks.  My immediate idea was a terrible Theatre In Education piece about firework safety featuring “The Firework Crew”; Catherine, Sparkle and Rodney Rocket.  The show saw the audience as the recipients of the TIE piece which gradually crumbled as arguments over costumes, individual input and the over-use of ridiculous slogans escalated.  Despite having the idea early on it still didn’t get submitted until 5am.


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