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This is truly anonymous. There are no consequences. 

In a world where everything is in the public eye, from break-ups and big mistakes to pet pictures and yesterday’s lunch, there is no escaping judgement and the consequences to your actions.  This is an opportunity to say what you really want to say.

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Rehearsal Contracts

The key to a successful and meaningful contract is to create it with the company, not for them.

When working with young people on any project, a contract is a fantastic tool to have.  You set out your standards and goals early on and ask everyone to sign up to it.  It can influence everything from the structure of your rehearsal to the way in which the group communicates.  You can then reference it throughout the process, ensuring that everyone lives up to their side of the bargain.

The key to a successful and meaningful contract is to create it with the company, not for them.  Having them set the standards and propose additions to the contract themselves makes them far more likely to stick to it, especially if you highlight that this contract applies to you as the director as well as them.

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Writing Masterclass

“For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn. – a six word story by Hemingway

Today I had the pleasure of attending an Introduction to Writing workshop lead by Fin Kennedy, Artistic Director of Tamasha Theatre Company.  Tamasha is a touring company specialising in new writing inspired by the diversity of a globalised world. Their work places the voices of emerging and established artists from culturally diverse backgrounds centre-stage.  The workshop was run by Derby Theatre as part of their In Good Company artistic development programme.

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Audition time

It is one of my favourite times in a production as anyone can surprise you.

Auditions are an important part of the production process as it is your chance as a director to push actors to see who you can take a chance on.  The right cast can make or break a show so it is high pressure for everyone but it is one of my favourite times in a production as anyone can surprise you.  I love seeing something I don’t expect from someone and I love pushing people to do things that they didn’t know they could offer.

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